Our focus in the company is on continuous innovation in all phases of our services; we are committed to proceeding according to our vision, mission and values that we are proud to work on. The company prides itself on providing its ever more reliable services to a global client base that continues to enjoy a sustainable return on its investment. Our team consists of a group of specialists in the field of cranes and heavy equipment. We have developed our services in line with our identity to achieve our goals.According to the following:

Cars are used in projects and logistics services, and heavy equipment is often used in large construction projects, which in turn contribute to running the project more efficiently and smoothly. The company sells and buys this type of cars and equipment in all its forms - whether it is heavy equipment, concrete equipment, or heavy cranes from the major related brands in the field of trucks
Hydraulic lugs are characterized by transporting overloaded equipment, and regular lugs are characterized by the ease and safety of transporting heavy and industrial equipment.
The company›s management has developed a specialized maintenance center for construction equipment and to provide maintenance services and spare parts services with a commitment to quality and the provision of original and certified spare parts; This ensures that the equipment works efficiently and for a long period of time, which leads to saving more money and time in the long run
The field of cars and heavy equipment is one of the advanced and constantly renewable fields, and we seek in the company to satisfy all customers by working to achieve their desires to import all types of trucks of different brands - from different parts of the world - which ultimately leads to achieve the purpose of their project.
Road construction, general construction and metal structures. The company works to provide general contracting services, which include public road construction, general construction and metal structures. The company’s team includes a selection of expertise and an arsenal of equipment and machines that help it carry out this type of work with all Proficiency and professionalism.
Procurement plays a major role in increasing the production efficiency of companies; This enables it to achieve a competitive advantage in its field. At Sultan Al Fozan Company, we strive to supply all types of spare parts, construction equipment and heavy vehicles.
The company has a team of the highest degree of professionalism and reliability, which enables it to search permanently and continuously to provide the best spare parts for various types of cranes, pumps and cranes and concrete mixers
The company has an expert staff in the field of providing maintenance services for government facilities and private facilities and their operation. The team develops and delivers scheduled and preventive maintenance programs for the Client; In order to ensure the smooth running of the facility.
The company offers a variety of real estate services that meet all the requirements of the real estate market with high efficiency and accuracy, by providing storage warehouses, workshops, factories, commercial and residential property management in addition to real estate marketing