About us


Sultan Bin Fozan Al Fozan Company was established in 2003 ; With a stable foundation and a clear and powerful vision, which in turn contributes to achieving growth and sustainability in the cranes, heavy equipment and transportation sector. The company owns the latest technological equipment and machines related to its field of work, in addition to owning an able work team working to the highest degree. of professionalism and reliability. Because of the high reliability that the company enjoys, it has been able to gain the confidence of major local companies. The services provided by the company are concentrated in the areas of buying and selling cars, heavy equipment, transportation, maintenance of heavy equipment and providing spare parts for it.


To be the pioneers in the field of cranes, heavy equipment and transport by offering new and innovative solutions in light of the positive changes in the field of cranes, heavy equipment and transport, and increasing Our investment and competitive capabilities to build a competitive market.


Providing the best services to our clients from the public and private sectors, in order to meet their needs and desires, and to reach the highest levels of excellence in service provision.


Sustainability of the relationship between the company and its customers.
- Promote the values of security and safety.
- Exclusivity in providing specialized services in the field of Cranes, heavy equipment and transport with all professionalism.

What we stand out for

  • The ability to provide all types of cranes with Capacity from 7 tons to 1200 tons.
  • Ability to provide all types of forklifts With a capacity from 3 tons to 15 tons.
  • Providing effective, renewable and innovative ways for our customers.
  • Importing heavy equipment from all over the world according to the customer's desire.